Civil Air Patrol purchases L23 Super Blaniks

The U.S. Civil Air Patrol purchased over twenty brand new L23 Super Blaniks for their CAP Chapters. The CAP Chapters in Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, and Washington have already received their attractive new L23 Super Blanik two-place gliders. Here is one of them in flight.




At its November 1998 meeting, the National Executive Committee of the Civil Air Patrol unanimously approved purchase of fifteen L23 Super Blaniks. Blanik America received the order in late December 1998. First deliveries started in the spring of 1999. More purchases followed.





Here is the first one of over twenty L23 Super Blaniks just prior to shipment from LET factory, painted in the new attractive CAP design scheme.





During June through August 1998, CAP used four L23 Super Blaniks with great success at national glider flight academy encampments in the southern and southwestern U.S.A., teaching tens of cadets how to fly a glider and enabling them to fly it solo. At one of them, at the National Glider Flight Academy in Pine Mountain, Georgia, 9-20 June, 1998, fourteen cadets attended, seven soloed, and one added a glider category to his private pilot’s license. Cadet Acevedo became the first to solo at the academy and in the photo at right above is congratulated by CFIG LTc. George Harrison, GAWG.


Earlier in 1998, the Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters ordered one new L23 Super Blanik with TV2 enclosed trailer for use in CAP encampments around the country.

Top officials from CAP also tried out the new L13AC Blanik at the 1998 SSA Convention held in February in Portland, OR..

Shown in and around the new Blanik are Jacalyn O'Neal, John Sharp, Glen Atwell from the National Headquarters of the Civil Air Patrol, and Charlie Meason from the Georgia CAP wing.




Charlie Meason of the Georgia chapter of Civil Air Patrol (which received their Super Blanik in August 1997) wrote us, "...Everyone at MGSA has been very impressed with the CAP L-23, so it's been some good advertising for you. Our program is getting a LOT of attention, especially within CAP."

The Georgia Wing inaugurated their new Blanik L-23 glider known as "Silent Eagle" during a formal rollout ceremony and first official flight Dec. 6, 1997. More than 150 wing members and special guests gathered for the ceremony which was held at the Walton County Airport in Monroe, GA. January 1998 issue of Civil Air Patrol News.

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