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The excellent fully-enclosed LAK-T5 trailer is suited for any 15 to 18 meter span sailplane, and is specifically fitted for the LAK-17A. It is constructed of a fiberglass shell.

The key trailer construction components are the well-proven German AL-KO Kober Type 131R towing bar, and the AL-KO Kober Type BB50 axle with surge brakes, found on much more expensive trailers.

The trailer body is made of glass fiber reinforced composite material, and is finished in polyurethane paint for lasting protection.

Customers' experience:

Generally, the LAK-T5 is a very good product, comparable to Cobra trailers.

Positive aspects:
1 - Weight. Lightweight (450 kg/995 lbs.)
2 - Dimensions. Small. LAK-17A fits perfectly.
3 - Design. Attractive and very aerodynamic. It runs smoothly at 120 -130 km/hr (75 to 80 mph), proven during a 4000 km trailering route.
4.- Materials. Tow bar and a axle corrosion free, from Germany.
5.- Finish. Good looking. Painted in white Polyurethane with some nice decoration made with adhesive vinyl stripes.
6.- Accommodation of 18m wing extensions. Very nice design and practical access. Also, very nice position of the spare wheel.
Items being improved:
1 - Closing/opening of the door by repositioning the gas struts.
2 - Fog light being added to comply with E.U. legislation.
3 - Repositioning of the winglets for 15 m version in a location away from potential contact with luggage.
4 - A more positive latching of the elevator bracket.
In my opinion, LAK-T5 has very good chances to become a good selling product.

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Accessories available for the LAK-17A and the LAK-T5 are the wing ground handling wheel, tail dolly, towing arm for glider transport behind an automobile, wing stands. The LAK-T5 is supplied with all the rigging necessary for securing the glider in the trailer, and with tools aiding in easy assembly and disassembly of the glider.

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Note: Originally the LAK-T5 trailer was designated as LAK-T4MOD.

Technical data series models

Empty weight, kg                                                       430
Total mass, kg                                                            850
Brakes mechanical, inertial
Diameter of the coupling ball, mm                               50
Overall length, m                                                        9.0
Body length, m                                                           8.0
Width, meters                                                            1.975
Wheels                                                                      165 x 13 

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