LAK-20 two-place open class sailplane

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The LAK-20 is the newest JSC "Sportine Aviacija" sailplane.

The open class two-seat LAK-20 is designed to meet the latest standards of the gliding industry. The sailplane has a normal aerodynamic configuration with a “T” tail, and with wings slightly swept forward. Due to changeable wingtips, the glider can have 23 m or 26 m wingspan. Our latest achievements in engineering and aerodynamics have allowed us to design a wing with a very high aspect ratio, which improves the glider's performance to newer levels. The wing is a four piece one, with two center sections and two outer wing panels.

Modern composite materials and proven LAK technologies such as the use of pulltruded carbon rods for the wing spar construction have been incorporated.

The design of this glider allows for the installation of a motor. Both the self-launching and self-sustaining versions are scheduled; the LAK-20M with a SOLO 2625 02 engine, and the LAK-20T with a SOLO 2350C engine.


More than ten LAK-20 sailplanes have been sold, and three have already been delivered to customers as of Spring 2008.



Technical data LAK-20

Wing span

23 m

26 m

Wing aspect ratio



Wing area

15.49 m2

16.4 m2

Fuselage length

8.65 m

8.65 m

Fuselage width

0.72 m

0.72 m

Fuselage height

1.01 m

1.01 m

Tail span

3.11 m

3.11 m

Empty weight approx

479 kg

485 kg

Max. gross weight

825 kg

850 kg

Wing loading with 80 kg loading

36.1 kg/m2

34.8 kg/m2

Max. wing loading

53.3 kg/m2

52.3 kg/m2


275 km/h

275 km/h

L/D Max



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