This information is provided to owners of already delivered TV2 glider trailers, for servicing purposes. Manufacturing of new TV2 trailers has been suspended.

TV2 Glider Trailer

[Product Image]The TV2 trailer is fitted for the L13 Blanik or L23 Super Blanik, or any other large glider in that class. It is constructed of steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and plywood. The sides are of self-supporting aluminum sheets, the flat roof and fin are made of fiberglass, and the floor is made of weather-resistant marine-grade plywood. The towing bar and suspension feature the well-proven German twin axle four wheel undercarriage KNOTT GBD 13 with KNOTT KF 13CKM surge brakes.

The trailer can be comfortably towed behind a passenger car equipped with a 50 mm (1-7/8") towing ball. The interior is fitted with a system of dollies and brackets enabling easy glider assembly and disassembly. The trailer has two lockable doors, one of which serves as a loading ramp for the fuselage dolly. The electrical wiring connects position lights, brake lights, turning lights, and fog light, and is hooked up to the car via a marked standard European plug, easily modifiable to American plugs. The trailer has superior road handling.

Two types of TV2 trailers are in existence. The ones without a roof dome are suited for L23 Super Blaniks, and those with the dome for L13 or L13AC Blaniks.

Surge brakes KNOTT KF 13 CKM
Empty weight 1,765 lbs / 800 kg
Max. weight 2,865 lbs / 1,300 kg
Towing ball 50 mm
Electrical voltage 12 V
Length overall 32'4" / 9.85 m
Enclosed length. 29'1' /  8.86 m
Overall Width 5'6" / 1.68 m
Height 8'2" / 2.50 m
Interior width 53 " / 135 cm
Interior height aft 66 " / 168 cm
Interior height including the dome cavity 98 " / 248 cm
Interior height front. 45 " / 115 cm
Floor height above ground when level 12 " / 30 cm

L13AC Blanik ready to be loaded in the enclosed TV2 trailer for transport to its next destination

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